Oil  drilling exploration  was  started in Bogács in 1955, but instead of oil, thermal water was found.

The thermal water of Bogács effectively promotes healing of rheumatic, articular, musculoskeletal diseases, useful for fractures aftercare. Excellent for –gynecological,-prostate,-gallbladder,-liver diseases and gastritis problems. The exhalation of hydrogen-carbonate is useful for all types of bronchitis.Calcium is anti inflammatory and useful for the people who suffer from osteoporosis.It is beneficial for several types of skin diseases.

The thermal water can be used for drinking treatment. It is recommended for: chronic gastritis, constipation, bile and liver diseases. (You can drink 2,3 or 4 dl a day for a long time.) Expectorant, laxative, antacid. Effectively used for dental and oral hygiene, it is alkaline and treats the tooth problems.

9 pools are in the spa area: 6 thermal pools 34-38 oC, 2 children pools 36oC, 1 swimming pool 24-26 oC. In high season all the 9 pools (01.May.-30. Sept.) and out of season 4 thermal pools operate. One of these is covered.

The aquapark offers fantastic entertainment facilities for both the juniors and seniors .

One of the slides called: „spacehole”. You start from a height of 9 meters via a 20 meter length of tube and you arrive at an open „bowl” then you spinning around in the swirling water, then you will find yourself in a tube again. Finally you will land in the pool .

The other slide called:” Blackhole +Up hill flying boats” .It is a double slide so you can take twice as long way as on the other slide. First of all you slide in a tube on a sliding rubber, then you arrive at the pool again.

The „Wawe slide” is the real speciality. You start on the sliding rubber from the hight of 9 meters. You can get enough dynamism it takes you up the opposite arc. Then back again and back again……until the dynamism runs out. Finally you stop the bottom of the slide and leave the slide.
You shouldn’t miss this great fun!

Opening hours:  Open daily!

– May 1 – 31 and Sptemberr 1 – 30:  9 am-7 pm
– June 1 – August 31:  9 am-8 pm
– October 1 – April 30 : 9 am-5 pm

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