Historic Church of St. Martin

The village’s name was first recorded in 1248, a document had already been erected in honor of St. George’s Church was.

Tradition of the Church

The village has a new permanent exhibition of the 2011th was delivered in June. The exhibition presents works of the Creator of the settlement of two babies are considered to paint organized life in pictures, showing the most significant moments in the lives of people, images that make life more fully. The dolls are also woven with beautiful embroidery can find clothing and equipment is also among the exhibits.

The house Bogacs

Houses 140 years, this is one of the oldest farmhouse in Bogács.
The house and the fence was made ​​of stone and clay tiles to each other tapasztva, units built, a large part of gyűjtésből. The country house of the living conditions of landless peasants, the Bogács Palóc costumes, clothing can be found among the exhibits. A country house 19 century, emerged at the end of the three-room farmhouse.

Fish pond
Dammed stream 300m from the spa, there was now an artificial lake for anglers. Catfish, pike, carp, bream, grass carp: fish fishing can be installed on the lake. Resting place for migratory birds during the migration of a swan. Enjoy watching not only for anglers.


Wine cellar

Everyone, wine tasting in the cellar.

Bükk National Park
40,000 hectares are in caves 853rd This was founded in 1976.

Szalajka – TAL
Trout farm, forest railway, forest museum, “Fátyol” waterfall.

Branch of Lipiczaner stud.

Istvan Dobo Castle Museum, Basilica, Marzipan Museum minarets,

“Matyó” – Museum, Matyó – folk dance festival, “Kisjanko Bori” – folk art museum, museum-machine

“Subalyuk” Cave: Here in Hungary the Neanderthal found vormensch.